Behind The Crown

Hi Guys, I'm Claire
A 32 yr old mama with two little humans.
Mackenzie - who is my pocket rocket at 4 yrs old but has mastered the attitude of a 14 yr old.
Zeppelin -  is my 2 yrs old and is my devil in disguise. He has everyone fooled.

By trade i am a hairdresser, going on 11 yrs now. I still keep my hand in 1 day a week, but i would say my main job is raising my kidlets (i hate to use the term job)

Forever Flower Crowns is my outlet, my hobby, my happy it what you will. FFC has become my 3rd baby.

Here's how the story goes:
(sorry it's not super exciting)

- I started off making a "FUN" headpiece for a hens do.
- Then came a request from my gal pal. A crown for a mama to be.
(within my circle of friends, i am known to be quite creative)

!!!!! BAM !!!! A LIGHT BULB MOMENT !!!

I loved making my first crown, like, really loved it. My 2 custom crowns were adored by their "owners"
So i got a big head and thought id see how many other people i could make happy with my floral designs.


Now fast forward to the end of 2017.
Life dealt me a few blows which in turn gave me the chance to redefine ME and to get my groove back.
In January 2018, I relaunched my buiz and learnt how to stand on my own two feet with confidence.
And now not only do I create all things floral, I now host FLOWER CROWN WORKSHOPS. I love getting out and mingling and meeting new people. 


And there you have it, my story in a nutshell.

If you don't already, you can follow me on Insta and Facey.

On a side note if you were after more info on my crowns and workshops (kids and adults), please don't hesitate to get in contact

Claire xx
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